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This inspiring initiative weaves together the artistry of London-based artist Aylal Heydarova with the enthusiasm of our younger generation to address one of the most pressing issues of our times—climate change.


At the heart of #savingbutterflies lies an interactive workshop, designed specifically for children aged 8 to 15. Hosted near the Wembley Stadium and led by CAUKIN Studio, this hands-on experience offered a unique opportunity for our youth to learn, create, and contribute to a greener future. 

Participants had the joy of taking part to a "Butterfly Conservation Educational", and of bringing to life a wooden butterfly sculpture, a potent symbol of transformation and ecological balance, under the guidance of skilled mentors.


Aylal Heydarova, the visionary behind the sculpture's design, infuses her role as an artist and a mother into her work, promoting a message of environmental activism through her compelling artistic expression. 


Amplifying the #savingbutterflies message, our vibrant social media campaign invites the wider community to engage with the project. Through captivating imagery, educational content, and interactive challenges, we encourage everyone to raise awareness and spark conversations about the significance of butterflies and the broader implications of climate change.


We invite you to join this transformative project, join us, take a picture, and share the #savingbutterflies hashtag, your support propels us towards a future where art, education, and environmental responsibility thrive together.


The project is possible thanks to the financial support of The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, City Living Local Life, Mount Anvil, Action Funder and Inhabit (Egis Group). From Kensington and Chelsea Borough to Brent Borough, the butterfly moves from Borough to Borough to send the messages about the climate change.

Take a picture and help us #savingbutterlfies !



#savingbutterflies a project where creativity meets conservation

Aylal Heydarova' sculpture design, brought to life by children under the guidance of CAUKIN Studio, stands as a visual metaphor for the project's goals: transformation, growth, and balance. Beyond the physical workshops and sculpture, the project's message extends into the digital realm.


A lively social media campaign, featuring captivating imagery, educational content, and interactive challenges, amplifies the project's reach. This campaign encourages people from all walks of life to engage with #savingbutterflies, spreading awareness about the importance of butterfly conservation and its broader implications for climate change.

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